WTF: This Ram 3500 Might As Well Be A Ram 0000

Welcome back to Wrecked Truck Friday – WTF – as we continue to check out the recently deceased rigs out there in need of a rescue. This week, we’re checking out a 2014 Ram 3500 out in San Antonio, Texas.

As soon as we came upon this stripped-apart 3500, we knew we had a winner. Well, maybe “winner” is the wrong word. A better term might be “rolling pile of parts.”

This is one beat-up Ram!

The truck is stripped on the front, where its fenders, hood, bumper, and fascia have all gone missing. There’s visible damage to coolers and bent supporting framework, too.

However, a lot of stuff is still here. The mirrors definitely are. Whoever was driving this 3500 previously wasn’t a true Cummins owner, or else he would have had those puppies up and out! We’re kidding, of course.

The bumpers are gone, but that's just two less parts removals you'll have to do on the rebuild. Good luck with straightening out the mounts, though.

Out back, the bumper is gone, but that just means the truck is that much closer to rocking a set of sweet aftermarket bumpers. Everyone loves a good-looking pair of bumpers on their rig, and we could see this dually using a custom-welded set. Maybe even a brush guard on the front?

Inside, things look good to go. The airbags don’t seem to be deployed, and the seats appear to be clean and free of any tears.

No deployed airbags anywhere, and the seats still look fresh! Great.

The repair estimate for the truck is unavailable, but it had to have been very high to send this $33,000 rig to the scrapyard. Still, the odometer shows a relatively young 117,225 miles, so there’s that.

Let us know in the comments below if this Ram gets a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. We’ll catch you next Friday with the next WTF!

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