Year In Review: Diesel Army’s Top 10 Articles Of 2017

This year is almost in the books, but we take a look back at the Top 10 articles from 2017. It was a big year for the diesel industry with record-breaking numbers from manufacturers and at the track.

If 2017 is any indication of what 2018 will look like, diesel enthusiasts will be in for some more power. Without waiting any longer we start at the bottom and look towards the number one article of 2017.

10. Why You Should Delete Your EGR On Your Diesel

The EGR that comes on diesel trucks may be causing permanent damage to your engine. Find out inside what could be happening.

9. Video: Lavon Miller Becomes the First 7-Second Pro Street Diesel

There is a new sheriff in town, well almost, it is the same guy just with a faster time. Lavon Miller flys down the track to set a new record-breaking time.

8. Caught! Could This Be The Next Ford Ranger?

Could this be the new Ranger that Ford announced at the NAIAS? Is this the mythical unicorn we all hoped it would be?

7. From Block To Block: Fleece Performance Billet Aluminum Cummins

Looking to build a 3,000 Horsepower fire-breathing diesel machine? Check out what Fleece Performance has been working on! Billet aluminum ISB based Cummins!

6. The Real Story Behind Firepunk’s Massive Dyno Explosion!

Want the straight scoop on what happened to Firepunk Diesel’s engine to cause a monstrous dyno explosion? We went right to the source for the details.

5. Chevrolet To Offer Biggest Silverado Ever In 2018

The trucks that Chevy currently offers are just re-engineered versions of Isuzu trucks, whilst the new models will be a joint venture with Navistar.

4. Video: Gale Banks Explains Why Turbos Are The Best Power Adder

/Drive sat down with turbocharger mastermind, Gale Banks, to learn why exactly he believes turbos are the best way to extract power from an engine.

3. The Most Powerful Pickup: 2018 Ram 3500 HD Record Breaking Torque

After many times of passing the crown, Ram has finally had enough. The 2018 Ram 3500 HD offers a new class-leading torque rating and the most powerful truck available in the industry.

2. Changing Times: GM’s Push To Make L5P Duramax Un-Crackable

Duramax Forum was recently abuzz regarding GM’s 1984-esque security measure on the new L5P engine. Is Big Brother going to take the passenger seat without your say-so? Or is it all just a rumor?

1. Top Issues With Powerstroke, Duramax, and Cummins Engines

The Big Three have come a long way with the development of their respective diesel motors. However, these engines aren’t flawless. Come explore some of the major issues affecting each platform.

Be sure to check back all 2018 as we bring you the best diesel coverage here on Diesel Army!

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