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With diesel engine technology on the rise, keeping up with the latest concepts and applications is a continual process, even for veteran mechanics well versed in a wide range of diesel-powered vehicles.

Cummins 6.7L

Cummins has earned a reputation as a leader in the diesel industry. Pictured here is the 6.7L that powers not only the RAM light duty trucks but many medium duty trucks in the commercial industry.

Whether it’s the latest batch of diesel-powered cars and pickups motivating the masses, or diesel haulers keeping commerce profitable, it’s crucial each of them are well maintained to maximize performance, efficiency and longevity. New technology is only as effective as those maintaining its capability.

Fortunately, a new generation of men and women are already gearing up for opportunities arising nationwide and around the world as diesel specialists. Through proper training, understanding and enthusiasm, the future of diesel technologies will be in good hands.

To ensure leading edge diesel engines stay razor sharp, several notable schools offer specialized programs enabling anyone with aspirations of keeping the technology in check to obtain the needed understanding and earn their diesel degrees.

Whether your interest centers on the growing workforce providing diesel maintenance, or you intend to advance current technologies to levels only imagined today, here is your fastest path to success. Look to experts wired into the largest manufacturers and service network by learning from the best how to ignite your dreams.

Diesel Army has taken the first step for you, this article is the first in a series where we reach out to some of the best technical schools in the nation. From here, simply make the call and discover how others are doing what you’ve dreamed of, and unlock potential that is within your grasp right now!


UTI Diesel Course

Courses covered

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Air brakes
  • Chassis
  • Climate Control
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Hydraulics
  • Refrigeration

Advanced Manufacturer Training

  • Cummins
  • International
  • Freightliner
  • Western Start

Prepared to work on

  • Big Trucks
  • Corporate Fleets
  • Farm Equipment

Schooling required

  • Entry-level technician program: 45 weeks*
  • Some locations may be up to 60 weeks
  • MFG training: 18 months

Key Accreditation

  • National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) is a division of
  • National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
Universal Technical Institute, Inc. provides another way for those seeking an education that has enabled thousands of students to realize their hopes of securing careers in various aspects of diesel maintenance. Partnered with over 30 industry leaders in shaping understanding suited to their specific needs, UTI, benefits from its own unique connection with a range of products and related systems benefiting its students.

A wide range of classes, including factory training programs that take place with top professionals in state-of-the-art environments, well suited to higher learning and understanding. Hands-on training from some of the best diesel technicians in the business, provides confidence and capability that transfers directly to the workplace. It’s that kind of inspiration that leads to real job security through life-long careers that allow those with an eye on the future to reach their goals.

In talking with administrators you’ll realize that the days when high schools were able to ready students for various industrial careers have passed, as their focus has narrowed away from hands-on mechanical understanding. Thankfully, secondary schools like UTI and others have enabled young people to take up the slack and build on what’s come before.

This influence became apparent through discussion with two of UTI’s graduates who have gained traction and moved ahead through a broad range of classes that enabled considerable understanding and capability.

Don’t take our word on it, listen to what a couple of graduates have to say

JAY HILL _ UTIJay Hill’s interests in wildlife management led to a brief career as a game warden, As the demand for jobs in and around San Antonio, TX, left something to be desired, he followed the advice of friends who attended UTI, each of whom attained careers in diesel technologies.

Soon after arriving at UTI’s facility in Houston, TX, new opportunities for this 22 year old arose through what Hill referred to as “instructors sharing knowledge in ways that invited him to learn and grow like never before.” He readily pointed out, “You get out of it what you put into it”, which for him involved delving into an array of classes that were an extension of his life-long interests in diesel vehicles. These ranged from electronic fundamentals, cooling systems, sensor tech, as well as mechanical and electronic fuel systems, and of course those centered on powertrain, chassis and braking operations, and other types of hands-on repair.

It only figures Hill’s daily driver is a second generation 1995 Dodge Ram enhanced with a straight pipe and a cold air system. It’s likely other modifications will soon be in place as he gains understanding into what makes the most of its Cummins drivetrain.

UP_9214_19910510_CA_CajonBuilding upon what he’s gained from his experiences at UTI; Hill is looking forward to a goal he’s had for some time. He just secured a position as a technician with Union Pacific Railroad. As he’s garnered a broad understanding of diesel systems that has prepared him for that progression, he’s likely to achieve that dream and many others within his grasp thanks to his degree and hard work.

ROC TAYLOR _ UTIAnother graduate of UTI is Roc Taylor, a true patriot who served our nation as a United States Marine, where he learned a great deal from harsh environments that taught him the benefits of, in his words, “structure, discipline and responsibility for his own actions.”

From there he broadened his horizons as a certified deep-sea diver and welder before a shoulder injury cut that career short. Undaunted, he moved forward into a position he held at Aggreko Power Generation for several years as a welder on gas turbine generators. Still, he was unsatisfied and when he met some people who had attended UTI, he envisioned a new goal, and today, a new career.

Armed with continual support from his wife, Robin, Taylor entered UTI’s Houston, TX, campus, centering his attentions on its Diesel Industrial program. From day one he applied all that came before to focus his capabilities on understanding the intricacies of numerous technologies, including hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as Cummins diesel technologies.

Cummins QSM12

Cummins QSM12

Not surprisingly, beyond graduating from UTI, Taylor received the Presidential Award for achieving a perfect attendance record, and an impressive 4.0 grade point average. Yet another example of what true commitment can achieve.

With those and other honors in his arsenal, Taylor is off and running in a field that offers unlimited potential for someone with an impressive range of skills that many can only dream of. While there’s no question he will go far in empowering those who realize what he brings to whatever he does, he also serves as an example of what others can do when they do as he’s done.

Take the fast track to a specialized career and know the satisfaction that true understanding and financial self-sufficiency ensures. You can do it through the capabilities enabled through a school like UTI.

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