Trust Fund: Parker Inman’s 2019 Ford F-250

Customizing a vehicle takes many forms, but every result is something to marvel about. Projects can last days to months to years, but no matter what, they all stand as testaments to what the owner envisioned.

Of course, it helps to have a goal in mind when starting a project. In the case of Parker Inman, the young man wanted to prove his naysayers wrong and give himself something to be proud of.

The end result was a 2019 Ford F-250 that gets attention everywhere it goes in Parker’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His truck is a statement that the work you put into a project is what you get out of it; and what Parker’s got, everyone wants.

Background Of The Build

Parker is 22 years old and works as an electrical line technician. It’s dangerous work, climbing high up in the air and working on heavy electrical wires, but Parker is well-compensated for it. And as any young man with lots of money at his disposal would, he found a hobby he loved – the world of diesel.

“I’ve been into diesels since I was about 16,” he said. “My first truck was a Duramax I bought in 2017. It got me started on what it was like to own and work on diesels, and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Parker's F-250 made his wish come true, that he could build a truck that would make it to SEMA. The truck was featured in the Fusion Bumpers booth at the 2019 show.

After getting the firsthand experience on the Duramax, Parker was officially bitten by the diesel bug. He realized that simply having a diesel wasn’t enough, and became fixated on one day owning a diesel that would take him all the way to SEMA. “I wanted a truck that could make the grade for the show,” commented Parker. “It had to be big and bold. I called it Project Trust Fund.”

The Build Begins

At the beginning, it was actually Truck Guru founder Cris Payne that got the ball rolling on Trust Fund. He asked Joel Smith of Auto Definitions if he knew anyone with a Super Duty. Joel put Parker in contact with Cris Payne, and eventually Parker signed a contract stipulating that he would provide the truck and offer some insight into the rendering.

Parker brought his F-250 to some experts in nearby Claremore, Oklahoma. The first stop was Auto Definitions, a build shop established in 1992 and capable of making Parker’s vision a reality.

Joel reached out to his friends Kenneth and Eric and over a breakfast meeting, the trio drew up the custom lift kit. “We used CAD and Solidworks to design it from scratch,” he said. “Each one of the arms used 75 feet of weld. We had to machine out the heim joint threads from a solid block of steel. It was a full build.”

Styling cues all over make it clear this is Parker's truck!

The end game was raising the truck 28 inches and making it capable of fitting the enormous 42-inch Fury Country Hunter M/T tires on 30-inch American Force 30×16-inch Sidewinder wheels. “The wheels are my favorite part about the truck,” commented Parker.

Highlights Of The Build

The build was completely frame-off. Joel put a lot of pride into it. “Me and Ken welded on it and we took the time to make sure our beads looked the same,” commented Joel. “Everyone that looked at it and knew what they were looking at knew we had an elite truck.”

The truck took form, and that form was tall. Riding around on those 42-inch tires, it would become one of the most visible trucks in Tulsa, and easily make the grade for a SEMA build.

Reflecting on what it took to get the truck built, Parker said, “My F-250 offered me a lot of learning experiences, especially when it came to doing a frame-off project for the first time. It was very, very stressful.”

The build took three months to complete and was a shared project with multiple parties. "I wanted to thank a lot of people and companies for their help on this build," said Parker. "Joel Smith, Kenneth Sloan, Eric Long, Todd Hastings, Eric Davis, Stephen Steward, Jess Walker, Roy Jones, Willie Fidler, Cody Landis, American Force Wheels, Auto Definitions, Fusion Bumpers, and Michael Johnson."

But all of that stress and worry paid off in the end. From front to back and top to bottom, the Super Duty is an imposing creation. Its exterior is bolstered by Fusion bumpers, each fitted with Rigid Industries pod lights. Other lighting includes 32 Rigid rock lights installed throughout the truck. A Royalty Core grille accentuates the front with attitude.

The paint is gray metallic, and contrasts the candy blue highlighting the undercarriage. Parker let the experts at Highway 20 Collision in Claremore, Oklahoma handle the task. “They used a new Candy Blue paint on the frame,” commented Joel. “We had to be extremely careful with it while we were lowering the engine into it.”

Under the hood, Parker wanted the 6.7-liter Power Stroke to bang out some more ponies. He worked with Fat Daddy’s Auto, also in Claremore, to make it happen.

The team at Fat Daddy’s Auto kept a good portion of the engine stock, but gave it some significant upgrades. These came in the form of 40-percent-over injectors, which boosted the output of fuel to the combustion chamber. A new FASS 220G fuel filtration system was installed as well, ensuring the fuel that wound up in the engine was as clean as possible. Last but not least, a Maryland Performance Diesel (MPD) 68mm non-VGT turbocharger put the “power” back in Power Stroke.

The work that went into the suspension was incredible. "We laser cut out eighth-inch flat steel, and gave it strength with an I-beam design and boxed it in," said Joel. "It's a detail that wasn't even seen, but it went a long way toward making it top-tier. For shocks and springs, we went with 3.0-inch Radflo coilovers and Eibach springs. The fronts are 300/250 and rears are 250/250."

Further down from the engine, Parker kept the transmission and axles stock, but upgraded his brakes to high-end Wilwood rotors. These brakes come in handy for slowing down the much larger wheels and tires the truck is running.

Suspension is courtesy of the aforementioned Longshot Fab Design. Their lift kit raised the truck by a whopping 28 inches, and it’s supported by Eibach springs and Radflo shock absorbers.

Massive 42-inch Fury tires and 30-inch American Force wheels round out the aesthetic attitude of the truck. The wheels are Parker’s favorite aspect of his F-250.

The interior received just one major modification – the seats. Parker went with Roadwire Leather to give the truck an exquisite feel and look, complementing the top-dollar treatment to the exterior.

What’s Next For Trust Fund

Parker has realized his wish for his F-250. Project Trust Fund hit its deadline and made it to SEMA 2019, and Parker was honored to have his truck as part of the Fusion Bumpers booth.

After the 2019 SEMA Show, Parker sold his truck to another Parker, Parker Yates. Under new ownership, the truck is now coming back for more work. “We’re adding more external speakers, adding a ball joint delete kit, and fixing the steering,” commented Joel. “I think we’ll add some Horn Blasters to it, too.”

Parker eventually sold the truck to another Parker, Parker Yates. Yates plans to take the truck to another level as he brings the truck back to Auto Definitions for more tinkering.

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