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Gurkha Tactical Civilian-1

In our ongoing search for ever more unique diesel-powered trucks for you to ogle over, we have occasionally run across (so to speak) concept trucks that may be produced in the near future. This includes past, present, or future military vehicles that we know you will love. Such is the case with the Gurkha military and police vehicle built by Terradyne Incorporated of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Terradyne is in the business of designing, developing, testing, manufacturing, and bringing to the world’s marketplace armored personnel carriers and light tactical vehicles. Normally these incredible vehicles are sold to government agencies in numerous countries around the globe, including police departments for use in SWAT situations, homeland security (anti-terrorism), and the armed forces of various nations that are searching for light tactical vehicles for the fast movement of small, but highly trained military forces.


Lightest of the Gurkha military variants, the RPV is seen here in the field with a Kongsberg remote-operated weapons station on the roof top.

It’s first product of this kind is the Gurkha, a light tactical vehicle that can be ordered in three different configurations. There are more variations planned, but at this time, Terradyne is producing the LAPV (Light Armored Patrol Vehicle), MPV (Multi-purpose Patrol Vehicle), and RPV (Rapid Patrol Vehicle) configurations of the Gurkha. Terradyne has completed testing and validation programs including full vehicle destructive ballistic and blast testing to STANAG military standards. Best of all, just recently, the company announced it is in the process of releasing a civilian variant RPV that you can buy and drive on the street!


Gurkha LAPV-1

The Gurkha LAPV features a five-door SUV style body. The 10 large view windows around the vehicle allow for enhanced operator visibility and reduced blind spots for the driver. The LAPV is most commonly used in law enforcement–special operations units, border patrol and convoy protection applications. The LAPV seats up to six in the rear and two up front. The overall width is the same for all three models at 98-5/16 inches, but the LAPV is 250-3/16 inches long, and 97-11/16 inches high. It also weighs 16,500 pounds.

Gurkha Illo Curb View-940px

The Gurkha LAPV side view (top), front (lower left) and rear view blueprints (lower right) reveal more details and the shape of its contoured upper half.


Gurkha MPV-1Terrdyne’s Gurkha MPV has a six-door configuration, and the largest interior space of all Gurkha variants. The body stands taller and wider from the B-pillar to the rear of the vehicle providing additional interior space for rear occupants and additional storage. The MPV is most commonly used in law enforcement–SWAT, troop transport, prisoner transport and tactical medic applications. The MPV seats up to eight in the rear and two up front. The MPV is 106-13/16 inches tall, comes in at 242-1/16 inches in length, and is the heaviest at 17,000 pounds.

MPV Curb-1

A roof hatch (standard on all variants) and multiple ports and windows can be seen in the blueprints above of the Gurkha MPV.


RPV-1xThe Gurkha RPV offers four doors with a pickup truck style rear cargo bed. Due to this particular body style, the RPV features the lightest overall curb weight and greatest payload.  Seating arrangements are three in the rear and two up front. The LAPV and RPV share the same body from the C-pillar forward with the difference being an open back on the RPV and closed back on the LAPV. The RPV is most commonly used for military, law enforcement and critical infrastructure protection applications. The Gurkha RPV stands at 97-3/4inches, measures 247-1/4 inches long, and weighs just 16,000 pounds fully suited up.

RPV Side-1

The Gurkha RPV is more like the LAPV than the heavier and more armored MPV, and is designed with a pickup truck style rear bed.

Chassis and Powertrain

The base chassis for all three of the Gurkha light tactical vehicles is the Ford Motor Company F-550 Super Duty commercial truck platform, and this backbone was chosen due to its worldwide parts and service network so that it could be quickly and effectively maintained, upgraded, or repaired in just about every place on the planet. That base Ford F-550 chassis is outfitted by Terradyne with ballistic protection in its 330,000 square foot facility located in Ontario, Canada.

The 6.7-liter Power Stroke cranks out 300 hp at 2,800 rpm and 660 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 rpm delivers motive power to the Gurka. Terradyne’s testing regimen has tagged the Gurkha’s average fuel consumption at 10.4 miles per gallon. The Power Stroke is backed up by a six-speed automatic transmission, and the four-wheel-drive system features shift-on-the-fly capability. Its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 19,500 pounds, and it’s Axle Weight Ratings (AWR) are 7,000 pounds for the front axle and 14,706 pounds for the rear axle. Both axles have a 4.88:1 ratio limited-slip differential.

Gurkha Comparitive Size-1

This comparative illustration shows the relative size differences between the Terradyne Gurka, a standard full-size SUV, and a sports car.

To further the Gurkha’s level of protection for its occupants, several more modifications have been added to the chassis. Among those are Hutchinson military grade wheels with bead locks. A set of 41-1/2-inch (335/80R20) tall Continental MPT 81 tires (run flat tire inserts are an option) with a very aggressive tread pattern are used for additional height and ground clearance, aiding the Gurkha’s blast protection capability. The suspension has been enhanced with a set of custom-tuned Fox shocks on all four corners of the vehicle, and the front end was upgraded with stiffer coil springs and a steering stabilizer.

Interior and Exterior Armor

The interior compartment in which the crew is stationed is protected against 7.62 x 51 mm armor piercing rounds. The walls and floor cavities are filled with a urethane-based foam insulation while a fiberglass insulation is used on the ceiling of the crew compartment. The engine bay and the 40-gallon fuel tank are protected with single-layer armor. Blast-mitigating floor material and seats are optional.

2015 RPV CIV (3) Rotator

Terradyne has recently released the civilian variant of the Gurkha RVP, and it’s as badass as any of the military versions.

Details of the armor the Gurkha light tactical vehicle uses is secret, as is the available armament. What they are willing to disclose is that the opaque armor (what the occupants or outsiders can’t see through) is built out of dual-wall high-hardness steel, and its transparent armor (what you can be seen through, such as windshield and windows) is a ballistic material made by the market leader, and that it comes with a two-year warranty against delamination.

Tactical Vehicles Available To The Public

The civilian variant of the RPV features a reduced armor level resulting in a even lighter curb weight. The benefits of the lower curb weight are reduced fuel consumption, improved off-road capability, enhanced maneuverability, and improved acceleration. The civilian model is equipped with creature comforts such as full LED lighting, power door locks, GPS navigation, audio system, cruise control, and other enhancements as standard equipment.

2015 RPV CIV (4)xx

An optional winch mounted into the front bumper is just one of many features that are part of the Civilian Variant of the Gurkha RPV.

So how much fun would it be to tow your race truck to the next event, show up at a party, head to the stadium for that big game, or do the local Friday night cruise in a Terradyne Gurkha armored light tactical vehicle? Full detailed specifications of the Civilian Variant RPV have not been released as of time of print. For more information, and pricing, check out the Terradyne Industries website and give them a call at (905) 726-7510. Then send us photos of you doing your thing in your new bad-ass armored truck.

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